Account Management

vCita Partners API allows you to create and manage subscriptions, and terminate accounts.

Prerequisite Steps

We strongly recommend to follow the next steps for creating new accounts:

First step - Check if your client email address already exists (will use the user for the log-in) in vCita by using 'Business Info API'. If it does, please ask your client for a new email address or contact us.
Otherwise, continue to the next step.

Second step - Please make sure that you have the template id before creating a new account. (For more information about template click here).

Third step - If you wish to allow users to upgrade/update their subscription through your subscription management software you should also pass external_subscription_params[KEY] when creating the account.
When a user clicks on upgrade buttons within their account, they will be directed to a URL of your choice, along with the external_subscription_params[KEY]. Based on these parameters, you will display the proper subscription update options.

NOTE: When you create a new account, we do not send any emails on your behalf. You can send a welcome email once you complete the account creation. In the email, you can include a link which will allow to authenticate the email and set a password. This is the link structure:
The white label domain is the URL that will be used for your vCita directory
The account access token is generated with the API response when you create a new account using the 'Account Creation API'.
Once the user clicks on the link, they will be directed to a page where they will be required to set a password.

Congrats! You can now create a new account under your directory, using the 'Account Creation API'.